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YOU WONT REGRET IT!  In this book you will learn how to:
Find a Market
Find Off Market Deals
Analyze Deals
Calculate Cap Rate
Fund your Real Estate Investments
BRRRR Real Estate
Find a Market
Find Off Market Deals
Analyze Deals
Calculate Cap Rate
Fund your Real Estate Investments
BRRRR Real Estate
A Note from the Author, Antoine Martel
I was first introduced to real estate investing in 2015. That was the year my dad and brother and I attended a real estate seminar, where they demonstrated how much money could be made in real estate. We were excited about the possibilities, and we immediately tried to implement the strategies we’d learned near our home in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, the local housing market was so expensive that we couldn’t compete with other investors. Even if we had been able to, it would have been incredibly hard to turn a profit in that kind of market.

That’s when I began looking into investing out of state. I was convinced of two things; 1) my money could go a lot further, which would allow me to grow my portfolio much faster and, 2) the properties that I could buy were going to create positive cash flow. Long story short, my plan to invest in rental properties out of state worked.

In fact, it worked so well that in just three years I was able to transform our family’s initial capital investment of $40,000 into a company with a real estate portfolio that’s now valued at over $10 million! All that money has come from buying distressed properties, fixing them up, renting them out, and then either refinancing them or selling them for profit.

In today’s market, it’s harder than ever to find cash flowing real estate rental properties in your own neighborhood or even in your own state. The housing prices have reached such levels that potential profits--and cash flow--are really getting squeezed.
This guide to investing in cash flowing rental properties contains the information you need to feel comfortable and confident pursuing your real estate investment goals.

Here's what people are saying:
"Want to know the basics of real estate? This book is for you!"
Review by Saul
The most simple and easy way to learn about the possibilities you have to start investing in real estate. Antoine give a lot of tips and shows a simple guide for you to start your path in the real estate business. This book has all the ingredients, do your part and start cooking!.
"Brilliant Young Mind"
Review by Moods
Antoine is far beyond his years and is the definition of a “hustler”. If you want a concise, yet thorough understanding of how investing in cash flowing real estate works, then I highly recommend you invest in yourself and purchase this book! It’s a useful guide and explained in a very straightforward & strategic manner.
"Influential as a First Time Investor"
Review by Rickey
Martel really does give you a clear route on a step by step strategy on how you want to start rather it be your first investment or even learning new tools on how you can better yourself in real estate investment. If you want to get started this is where to begin!
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